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All About Southern Ridge Digital Products

If you are just like most people, you probably thought to Southern Digital Products is a company that is actively creating and marketing digital products. However, when you search for “Southern Ridge digital products” on Google, you will see that there are no relevant entries. So, what are we to make of it?

Well, we can only guess that Southern Ridge Digital Products is the name of an upcoming company that is poised to take the Internet by storm with its wide variety of digital products. But what are digital products anyway? They are products that are bought and delivered online. Unlike the shoes that you buy on Amazon or eBay, the product does not get delivered to your home. Rather it is delivered to a specific platform.

A very good example of this is Amazon Kindle. When you buy a Kindle book, it is not sent to your home address. Rather, it is sent to the Amazon Kindle app, which you can download on your Android device. If you have a Kindle reader, it will be sent there. You will also be able to find your Kindle book on the Amazon cloud reader, which you can access through your favorite browser like Google chrome. Other digital products can be sent via email.

While Amazon Kindle books and ebooks, in general, are the most popular digital books around, there are other products that are just as profitable. These other digital products are pictures, music, videos and courses, and website elements.

It might surprise you to know that Shutterstock, the Internet’s premiere website for stock images, earned $120 million in revenue in 2011. And there are 70 million pictures, vectors, and illustrations on the website right now. So, if you take great pictures, you can definitely earn money by uploading them and selling them on Shutterstock and other similar sites.

The same is true for music. If you are an independent musician, you can make your music known by selling it on iTunes. Just remember, though, iTunes takes 30% commission from your sales, and it’s worse on Spotify. You will definitely earn more money if you sell on your own website, but this really depends on whether or not you know how to drive traffic to your website.

If you are an expert in a particular area of knowledge like website design, you can create a digital course and have it hosted on Udemy and other similar websites. But do not expect to get much in the way of sales -Udemy and others charge 50% commission. Again, you have a choice to keep 100% of your profits by selling and hosting your course right on your own website.

For people who know how to design an HTML website or WordPress theme, they can alway sell their creation on ThemeForest. While we do not know how much ThemeForest charges in commission, we do know that the best-selling WordPress have had $200,000 in sales to date and that the highest-earning sellers take home $40,000 per month. And all this comes from creating and uploading a highly functional and easy-to-use WordPress theme on ThemeForest.

As far as we know, we do not exactly what type of digital products Southern Ridge is going to sell, however, we do know that it could one of the five digital products we mentioned in this article – ebooks, music, pictures, courses, and website elements. But that is just our guess. We could be wrong.

Watch out for the official launch of Southern Ridge digital products, though. They might just surprise you at how well they were made.